News Item: Dacre Danes – riding the wave of success

Do you know who Danyon is? If you don’t, you will soon hear his story.

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Dacre Danes is the author of the best-selling novel Danyon, available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and every other good bookstore.

Dacre Danes has written this book as a part biography interwoven with his own experiences and others with mental health, bullying and suicide. Dacre is a survivor of near suicide and has written this book to bring hope to others experiencing bullying and poor mental health, to prove to them that there is light on the other side of our dark days.

Blueberry PR is working with Dacre Danes to launch Danyon throughout Australia.

Recently we launched a Fashion for Mental Health Charity Event in Brisbane, to promote the release of his new book. Dacre’s event was held at Blackbird Bar and Grill and was shared with an intimate crowd of Brisbane’s finest, fashion forward names and mental health advocates. The evening was showcased via Instagram and Facebook Live broadcasts for those of us that were unable to attend due to lockdown here in Victoria, but it was a very moving, heartfelt and humour filled evening that could even be felt through the screen.

Following his book launch we have negotiated Ambassador roles for two NFP organisations Bully Zero and Equi Energy Youth. These Ambassador roles have provided Dacre the necessary platforms to speak at events and share his story in hopes to change someone’s mindset and be a support network for those who feel alone and have lost their confidence in the good of humanity. Through Dacre’s personal experience of perseverance and understanding the monumental value of speaking up and inviting people to have conversations around mental health is the beginning of his online movement using Instagram hashtag #iamdanyon

We have been working hard behind the scenes in connecting Dacre with a multitude of people and networks to get his story shared on air and online. Off the back end of Dacre’s book launch success, to our delight we received confirmation for Dacre to speak with Sam Stewart from Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association on his podcast ‘Pebble in the Pond’. In this episode Dacre speaks openly about his experience with bullying and the impact it had on him when growing up. It highlights the psychological effects it had on him and how he become close to ending his own life but found the inner strength to focus on Hope to survive and turn his almost tragedy into a story of optimism and courage.

Pebble in the pond- Podcast Tile

Dacre’s mission is to speak at as many events and from as many different platforms as possible to get his story heard. In November, Bully Zero will be hosting events for a National Anti-Bullying Week from November 16th – 20th to raise awareness on the effects of bullying, how to acknowledge a change in someone’s behaviour and have the hard conversations with them to help them through their challenging time. As an Ambassador for Bully Zero, Dacre has been invited to provide a reading from his novel and do a Q&A during the week, to delve deeper into his story and relate to those affected by bullying who may think they are alone and have no one to connect with on the matter.

This is just the beginning for Dacre, there are many more events, speaking opportunities and stories to be shared. By speaking out about his own personal journey, if it can save even one life then his mission has been victorious. We are so thrilled to have been able to work alongside Dacre Danes and watch his journey unfold so quickly online and in the media. It has been an incredibly exciting month of achievements since the launch of his best-selling book and we can’t wait to watch his movement evolve.